I owe a large debt of gratitude to Bracha Etengoff, who is a highly skilled and caring mediator. Bracha helped resolve a family conflict that had caused the estrangement of one of our adult children. We were surprised by our child’s refusal to call or visit us, which prevented us from seeing our grandchildren. Each of us felt we were the wronged party and no one would budge.

Bracha stepped into this tense situation with calm and expertise. She had a lot of insight into our feelings and creative ideas about how to unravel the conflict. Her non-judgmental attitude enabled everyone to take a step back and see the situation more objectively. Because we felt so secure in her ability to help us and she gave us as much time as we needed, we found a way to reconcile. Each time I see and speak with my grandchildren, I say thank you to her in my heart. 

​                                                                                    - A.A.

Bracha provides a broad range of legal services to small business and individuals, including commercial litigation, contracts, incorporations, and permit applications.

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Small Business Services

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Family & Elder Mediation

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​​​​​​​​Trusts & Estates 

Bracha Etengoff advised me regarding an important contract negotiation.  She did the necessary research and consulted with other lawyers when appropriate.  Her advice was very helpful and I was very satisfied, as my understanding of the contract enabled me to increase my income.  Bracha is easy to work with and she can move things along when necessary in a very pleasant manner.
     - E.W.

Elder Mediation

Bracha helps families facing the challenges of caring for ill and disabled loved ones to explore options for living arrangements, share caregiving duties, and address the related legal and financial issues.


Estate Distribution 

Bracha mediates family disputes regarding the division of inherited property to prevent and resolve litigation.  

Wills & Trust Documents, Health Care Proxies, & Powers of Attorney

Bracha works closely with all of her clients to draft wills and trust documents that accomplish their estate planning goals and prepares the necessary documents to ensure their wishes will be carried out in the event of illness or disability.              . 

Probate and Guardianships

Bracha assists clients with probate, estate administration, and guardianship proceedings. Especially after a loved one's passing or during incapacity, your family deserves a lawyer who is both competent and compassionate 

​​​Prenuptial Agreements

Bracha facilitates negotiation and collaboration between future spouses who wish to protect their assets without negatively impacting their relationship and drafts prenups.


Divorce Mediation

Bracha helps couples reach comprehensive settlements on custody and property distribution to avoid the financial drain and emotional toll of divorce litigation. 

Bracha thoroughly prepared me for my court appearance so I felt comfortable and secure. She achieved a good settlement for me in a difficult matter and explained its terms clearly. I would highly recommend Bracha to my family and friends.  
                      - D.K.