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What our clients say about us


Bracha Etengoff’s calm demeanor and helpful insights were key to helping me successfully resolve a number of legal challenges over the years. These included family mediation issues as well as negotiating employment contracts to reduce non-exclusionary clauses and improve overall terms. Throughout the years, Bracha has been warm, friendly, approachable, and responsive. With vast expertise and knowledge, Bracha makes complex legal issues easy to understand using plain spoken, everyday language. I would highly recommend Bracha for any legal issue that requires a compassionate, empathetic human touch.


Attorney Bracha Etengoff is a knowledgeable attorney who is a good listener who assisted me at a time when I was very upset after recently losing my boyfriend. She assisted with a power of attorney and with some issues with NYCERS, and with helping me think through some of the related estate issues. I am grateful for her assistance and absolutely recommend her!


Most straight forward and professional attorney I have ever known. She will comprehensively answer all your questions and listen to any of your concerns.

Overall pleasure to have Bracha as an attorney.


I have worked with Bracha Etengoff, Esq., on trust and estate matters and have found her to be honest, dedicated, and clever. As a fellow lawyer, I was impressed by her knowledge and her dedication to her clients. I would feel comfortable recommending someone to use her, whether to draft a will, trust, or estate-plan, or to litigate a will or estate-plan that is in probate.


The Law Offices of Bracha Etengoff were there for me every step of the way in helping me understand what to do regarding some property I supposedly inherited from my sister. She immediately knew the title company people I needed to reach out to, and guided me so I could quickly resolve my issue. She carefully explained all the legal aspects of my situation in language that I could understand and did this in a very caring way. I have also shown her other legal documents and she once again clarified everything for me! Kudos Ms. Etengoff!


Bracha always promptly returns phone calls. She is very easy to talk to and very knowledgeable. She explains everything and answers all questions and concerns. She does not waste time and works very efficiently. She is a very special person.  


When Bracha mediated our post-nuptial agreement, she demonstrated sensitivity to our unique circumstances. Her guidance and insight reflected a breadth of knowledge and provided steady leadership in the negotiations. Bracha’s speed in completing the documents was balanced with her commitment to accuracy and quality. I would feel confident enlisting Ms. Etengoff’s services for my most difficult legal challenges. 


I owe a large debt of gratitude to Bracha Etengoff, who is a highly skilled and caring mediator. Bracha helped resolve a family conflict that had unfortunately developed into the estrangement of one of our adult children. We were surprised by our child’s refusal to call or visit us, which prevented us from seeing our grandchildren. Each of us felt we were the wronged party and no one would budge. 

Bracha stepped into this tense situation with calm and expertise. She had a lot of insight into our feelings and creative ideas about how to unravel the conflict. Her non-judgmental attitude enabled everyone to take a step back and see the situation more objectively. Because we felt so secure in her ability to help us and she gave us as much time as we needed, we found a way to reconcile. Each time I see and speak with my grandchildren, I say thank you to her in my heart. 


Bracha has advised me on various estate planning matters, as well as a number of contractual matters, including a prenuptial agreement and a non-compete agreement.  Her multidisciplinary approach to the law is a refreshing departure from the experiences I’ve had working with other run-of-the-mill attorneys.​She is a kind, insightful, generous, and perceptive human being who is equally talented in the role of confidant and counselor. 


What can I say about a very caring and responsive person. Bracha was most proficient in finding and helping me with my legal matters. If you want top notch legal help with most professional legal advice and care, Bracha is the lawyer for you!!


Ms. Etengoff is an incredibly knowledgeable and helpful attorney. She is always responsive, and patiently assisted me with my issues, explained legal principles and helped me reach my goals. I highly recommend her.


Ms. Etengoff helped me 6 years ago negotiate the purchase of my business. The negotiations were stressful and difficult (especially for me since this was my first purchase of a business) She handled all the highs and lows with calm competence and professionalism. Not to mention, her kindness, which really helped me make it through to a successful deal for all involved. I cannot recommend her enough for her humanity and excellence in her profession.

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