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I owe a large debt of gratitude to Bracha Etengoff, who is a highly skilled and caring mediator. Bracha helped resolve a family conflict that had unfortunately developed into the estrangement of one of our adult children. We were surprised by our child’s refusal to call or visit us, which prevented us from seeing our grandchildren. Each of us felt we were the wronged party and no one would budge. 

Bracha stepped into this tense situation with calm and expertise. She had a lot of insight into our feelings and creative ideas about how to unravel the conflict. Her non-judgmental attitude enabled everyone to take a step back and see the situation more objectively. Because we felt so secure in her ability to help us and she gave us as much time as we needed, we found a way to reconcile. Each time I see and speak with my grandchildren, I say thank you to her in my heart. 

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